Programs & Services

Community Services (CS): Provides family support services to adults and children in order to promote the health and well-being of community members and their families. Services include support for adults with disabilities, mental health support, Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) advocacy and intervention, foster care, substance abuse counseling, and referrals to rehabilitation and treatment.

Education (ED): The Education department consists of an onsite K-8th grade Tribal school. Additional educational services are available for students of all ages, including tutoring, extracurricular activities and college tuition assistance.

Facilities & Maintenance (F&M): In addition to maintaining the Tribal properties, F&M helps to execute all Committee activities and member events coordinated by the Operations department.

Finance & Accounting (F&A): Oversees the distribution of payments and deductions for per capita and committee wages. This department also provides copies of wage statements and facilitates the Tax Preparation Assistance program.

Human Resources (HR): Coordinates the healthcare for Tribal members and their dependents. Information regarding coverage, co-pays and enrollment should be directed to HR. This department also works with Committee members to setup deductions for retirement benefits, including 401(k) contributions.

Legal Department: Under the direction of Tribal Council, the Legal department enforces Tribal Ordinances and assists members with legal matters related to Tribal Programs.

Operations (Ops): Maintains the Tribal Database and distribution of Tribal IDs. Ops also assists the Activities Committee with coordinating member events and activities, and manages event tickets and the Travel Assistance Program.

Tribal Programs: Coordinates program activities and enrollment for Tribal programs, and facilitates changes to earnings and deductions for per capita and committee payroll.