Tribal Preservation

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UAIC Tribal Goals for Section 106

UAIC prepared this document to assist federal agencies, or agencies receiving federal funds, with “best practices” for Tribal Consultation with UAIC pursuant to Section 106 and other applicable laws and regulations. This document is intended to inform those conducting consultation with UAIC the importance of including Tribes, Tribal values, and knowledge into the decision-making process. UAIC strives to reach collaborative understandings that result in improved consideration for remaining significant cultural sites in California as worthy of preservation.

Department Overview

The United Auburn Indian Community’s Tribal Historic Preservation Department identifies, preserves, and protects Miwok and Nisenan culture and heritage, tribal cultural resources, the Tribe’s historic and cultural knowledge base, and its archives. Together, the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and Department Director coordinate staff activities within the divisions of the Preservation Department. These divisions include administration, cultural regulatory activities, tribal heritage and monitoring, repatriation and research, and community heritage projects and events.


Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) – The THPO is the counterpart to the State Historic Preservation Officer. The THPO consults with federal, state, and local agencies on preservation and cultural issues of interest and importance to UAIC.


Tribal Historic Preservation Committee –The Tribal Historic Preservation Committee works with the THPO and the Preservation Department to ensure the preservation and continuance of UAIC’s cultural heritage for current and future generations.